Twitter launched its video-streaming platform in March this year and since then the app has taken the world by storm. The app was launched just weeks after another live-streaming app Meerkat, which gained immense popularity during the South by Southwest Music Festival, was launched in February 2015. However, Twitter started working on Periscope well before Meerkat was launched.

Periscope was developed by Joe Bernstein and Kayvon Beykpour only for iOS and Android. In a world full of social networking apps, carving a name of every other app is impossible. Not all the apps enjoy people’s excitement and interest. However, that is clearly not the case with Periscope. Because since its inception, Periscope has gained more than ten million users (people who have made an account on it and taken the time out to check it) and two million users out of it are active users of the app.

With Periscope, you can start live-streaming video of your camera to anyone who is interested in watching it online. Moreover, you can also limit the audience for your broadcast – letting only a few people watch while blocking out the others. You can also send out an alert to each of your followers on Twitter so that they can watch and comment on your broadcast.

It is similar to Google Hangout and webchat in many ways. However, Periscope is a mobile app – which means that is used much more frequently and thus people can use it wherever they want. Plus, since it has been developed by Twitter, your Periscope is automatically linked with your Twitter account. So when you will do a live transmission or video stream, it will be updated on your Twitter newsfeed accordingly which will help you get more followers.

Every time a person you follow begins a transmission, you get notified by an alert. Upon clicking on ‘World Map’, you can view the location of all the live broadcasts that are taking place at the moment. This gives you a (boring or entertaining) glimpse into the lives of people from all around the world.

As existing services commonly prefer separate launch of a new functionality, Periscope has also been launched as a separate app from Twitter. It was developed by an endowment of reportedly £67 worth. Twitter received this endowment in January this year and development process has not stopped since then.

Although Meerkat had already a huge following at the time Periscope was launched, it did not have support of a well-established app. And that’s where Periscope succeeded. With the backing of an app (Twitter) with a huge user-base, Periscope quickly gained users. In fact, by the tenth of its launch, the app already had a million users.

Also, Periscope is favored over Meerkat because it allows saving of video streams for 24 hours once you are done watching them. In this way, you can watch the same stream repeatedly on the same day. While in Meerkat, the moment you end the broadcast, the video disappears and cannot be viewed again.

Periscope has a great potential. It could totally be a game changer in the world of live-streaming apps as it has greatly changed the way news is reported. However, it is yet to see if it’s here to stay or not.

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