Although iPhone, one of the most dominant and slim phones in its realm, comes with variety of features but its battery life fails to meet your expectations. There is hardly any solution to conserve battery but to charge it every single day. Fortunately, through these seven tips which are explained below, your investment in this luxurious cell phone may make it a bit handier than before.

First of all, it is highly recommended that you keep the brightness of your phone as low as you can. It is because the screen is mostly responsible for a phone’s low battery. The more the level of the brightness of the screen, the faster your phone’s battery drains off. As a result, your phone will require you to charge it every now and then.

Secondly, some people usually don’t pay attention to the services that are running needlessly. These services such as Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and other connectivity related applications are also the reason of your iPhone’s low battery. For instance, there is no purpose of keeping Wi-Fi on when you simply don’t have any use of it. Similarly, when your phone is idle, keep all the unnecessary application or services off. Hopefully, it will also keep phone’s battery high for a longer period of time.

Thirdly, have you ever wondered about how vibration leads to the recession of your phone’s battery life? Actually, when it is regulated a motor gets started that requires energy to vibrate the phone. In short, turn off the vibration option in the settings and give that motor a long rest.

Moreover, notifications also play a great role in turning down your iPhone’s battery life. So, the fourth tip is to turn off the unnecessary notifications that are ruining your battery life and limiting your cell usage. Useful notifications like text messages and missed phone calls are somewhat useful but it is not necessary to receive any notification regarding not checking your email every now and then. You can simply just turn off these notifications in the settings and give your battery a rest.

Furthermore, lowering the volume of your iPhone set may also help your battery to go down rather slowly. The logic behind this statement is that the ringtones and other device sounds may consume less battery than vibration mode but still they can become battery eating moths if you keep them louder.

Auto updating of your applications is also one of the factors due to which your battery faces such difficulties. It often happens that whenever you turn on your Wi-Fi, these applications start to update themselves. Especially, each time app developers update these apps; your phone becomes a whole mess of updating items. So, the simple solution is to manually update these apps once in a month or a week.

Lastly, don’t use battery-busting applications excessively. For example, games that have high resolution will definitely hit battery straight in its face. Even your phone’s camera and watching videos are a great threat to your iPhone’s battery life. In short, do everything in your power to keep your iPhone’s battery saved for times of need.

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