About Us

Are you looking for a new latest high end gadget to buy for yourself but feel already tired because of the tedious research that you will have to carry out? Do you want regular updates on what is trending in the international mobile market but can’t find any single platform where you can get all the information at? Search no more because you have landed at the right place.

Tani Phones is an online blog and consultation service that particularly focuses on mobile phones, smart phones, apps, latest news related to mobile niche and related hardware. We specialize in providing extensively researched and elaborate hands on reviews of the latest flagship products of all the companies currently ruling the market. Also, you will find here the latest news about what’s hot and trending currently in the market and all the latest happenings, release dates of high end gadgets, app updates and much more. This blog is a perfect place for you to browse and research if you are looking for a new phone because the sole purpose of our existence is to guide you properly and not let you take a wrong decision. Also, if you want to stay up to date with everything that is happening in the mobile world, then you don’t have to subscribe anywhere else except Tani Phones.

Since we are based in United Kingdom, therefore, we primarily cover the local market in UK. But that does not mean you don’t get to know about what’s trending internationally because as we mentioned before we keep an eye on everything that is happening in international mobile market.